Business Security

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When it comes to running a business today, there is no room for unnecessary losses. If your business is suffering from theft, vandalism, or even lack of productivity, take action now, install a video system and stop losing money today

Security Cameras
Our CCD chip security cameras all deliver camcorder quality pictures and are backed by our 3-year warranty.

Hidden Cameras
With a total of over 100 different models, we pride ourselves in offering not only the widest selection, but also the best quality cameras at the guaranteed lowest prices anywhere.

Multi-Camera Systems
Need more than one camera for your business? We can install as minimum as 1 camera up to 100 cameras. All can be connected to a digital-recording based video security systems that can be networked within your business or viewed over the Internet by your own personal secure login and password.

It’s not just for banks anymore, every type of company can benefit from video security.
Even if you don’t need cameras for security, then how about remote video management? Did you know that you can now see and hear the live video and audio from your cameras on your home PC or any computer connected to your network or the web?

You can also use cameras in many ways to increase productivity. Multiple users can be logged on from different computers at the same time, and have different authorization levels. The entire staff can now see anywhere they need to, without leaving their computer.

It’s only a matter of time before something happens and you will wish that you had a camera recording it. Don’t put it off any longer, purchase cameras for your business, and your home today!

Whether you need a single camera or 100 cameras for your business, our experts can assist you in designing a system that will meet your needs.